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The uni-ball brand is one of the biggest players in the UK Rollerball Pen market.  Our exclusive product variety developed by innovation and technology since 1887, is indicative of our desire to create products that uniquely match the needs of the individual user.

Now we are applying that same diligence and expertise to help the planet, by reducing the use of single use plastic in our product packaging. The new plastic-free packaging launched in July 2019, marking a change from plastic blister cards to 100% cardboard, plastic-free packaging. As well as being plastic-free the new packs are completely biodegradable and recyclable.

Repackaged pen lines include the flagship uni-ball Eye – one of the world’s most popular rollerballs. And the new Eye broad nib pen is the latest addition to the already popular range, a favourite with students and professionals alike – the uni-ball Eye is a perfect all-rounder. It is ideal for important documents and excellent for letter-writing, lists and journaling as well as being a dream to doodle with.

The new Eye Broad has everything you’d expect from your uni-ball Eye pen – reliability, smooth-flowing ink and a comfortable grip – but with a robust 1.0mm rollerball for expressive, broad handwriting. Great for when you need bold, clear, easy-to-read script.

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The Eye has been one of the world’s favourite rollerballs for more than 20 years. Eye pens contain uni Super Ink – which is fade free, water resistant and tamper-proof. Making the Eye pen the perfect choice for when you want your words to last. With its rich ink density and unique broad tip, the Eye Broad is the go-to pen for essay writing, course work and those all-important thank you letters and cards!

Encased in a sleek rose-gold barrel, the Eye Broad is both stylish and super reliable. This great looking contemporary design makes the Eye Broad a cool, on-trend pen to add your stationery stash. The unique ‘uni-flow’ system guarantees a smooth and skip-free line plus consistent and continuous ink flow right to the last drop.

This system ensures you don’t have to worry about the pen jamming or ink running out mid flow. The barrel’s handy ink window lets you know in good time when it’s time to replace your pen.

For more information on uni-ball range visit www.uniball.co.uk

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