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As a brand at the forefront of the pen trade on which Britain was built, it’s no wonder that Manuscript Pen Company will be looking forward to its involvement in National Stationery Week.


With a history dating back to 1846, Manuscript have plethora of creative calligraphy tools, covering an array of styles, the British brand love writing in all its forms.
From traditionally handmade nibs to italic marker pens, the Shropshire based company want keen writers, lettering fans and calligraphers of all ages to find their voice and get writing.


The World Calligraphy Day creators will be celebrating #FountainPenFriday with its selection of finely crafted writing tools and guaranteeing artists can find their ‘inkspiration’ with Manuscript tools!
Plus, following Manuscript’s recent purchase of Lime Stationery, the brand has more fountain pens to share than ever before.


The Manuscript website and social media will be awash with competitions, offers, inspiration, craft projects and more in the run up to National Stationery Week!


To find out more about Manuscript, visit

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