Get creative for Mother’s Day during National Stationery Week

Have you sorted out a Mother’s Day gift for the special mum in your life yet? If not we have a fun and easy craft for you to try today! It is also great for young children who want to spoil their mums but they might need a little help and supervision from Dad or another responsible adult.

You will need:


  •  Squares of tissue paper in lots of colours
  • Pipe cleaners
  • Scissors
  • Ribbon (optional)

Step one: Place 6 squares of tissue paper on top of each other and make them into a neat pile. Fold over a 2cm section of the paper upwards from the bottom of the square keeping all the sheets together in one piece. Turn the pile over so your first fold is now on the back (and still along the bottom edge) and make another 2cm fold from the bottom upwards again. You probably remember this technique from making paper fans when you were younger!


Step two: Repeat the folding and turning until you have pleated the whole square.


Step three: Take one of your pipe cleaners and wrap the end of it around the centre of your folded paper, twist the two bits of pipe cleaner together to secure them. This will be the centre of your flower and the stem too.


Step four: Use your scissors carefully to round the two edges of your folded paper.


Step five: Fan out one side of your flower.


Step six: Very gently start to pull the top layer of tissue paper upwards and towards the centre of the flower. Repeat this process on each layer until you have done them all. Be careful to not rip the paper as it is delicate.


Step seven: Turn the flower around and repeat step six until the whole flower is done.


Step eight: Fluff and shape the petals until you are happy with how the flower looks.


Step nine: Make more flowers!

You can use larger sheets of tissue paper to make bigger flowers and adding extra layers of paper makes fatter blooms, similarly smaller sheets and less sheets will make smaller and thinner flowers. You can also try combining colours together for a different look and cut the ends into points instead of rounding them off to make a more interesting looking bouquet.


Step ten: Arrange your flowers into a bunch and wrap their pipe cleaner stems together to hold the blooms in place. If you like you can wrap ribbon around the stems too to make the bouquet extra secure.


Now you have a pretty posy of flowers to present your mum on Mother’s Day there’s just one more thing to do…. make or buy her a card! Here at National Stationery Week we believe that mums love the messages they receive in their cards even more than their presents so make sure you tell her exactly why you love her and why she is the best mum ever!

Thanks to our friends at Manuscript Pen Company and Amanda Carter for this fantastic craft project to keep you busy during National Stationery Week. 

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