Get your children writing to Santa this Christmas

Santa Letter 1

Christmas is a fantastic time to inspire a love of writing in young children!  From Christmas cards to thank you notes there are lots of reasons to put pen to paper during the holiday season but the easiest thing to get them to write is a letter to Santa.


As a parent having your child write to Santa is great way to find out exactly what is on their wish list but it can also be a lovely way to spend some quality time together.  Make some cups of hot chocolate, a plate of Christmas treats to nibble on and a selection of pens and paper and you’ll be ready for a fun writing session! 

Santa Letter 2


Now we all know that Santa has a lot of letters to read at this time of year so he really likes it when children do their best handwriting and spelling as it makes the job a bit easier for him.  Let your little ones know that you are there to help them with any difficult words and let them take their time, the perfect letter can not be rushed!

Santa Letter 3


After the letter is finished don’t forget the envelope!  It needs to be addressed to Santa at The North Pole and then a stamp added or drawn in the top right hand corner.  If they are still happy to keep writing they can also add their return address on the back of the envelope for a little more handwriting practice.


There are a couple ways to send your letters to Santa, either left on top of the fireplace so it can be magicked up the chimney while everyone is asleep or take a walk down to the nearest postbox for Royal Mail to deliver it.  Don’t forget to take a photo of your child at the postbox or next to the fireplace with their letter, it makes a really sweet memory for you to look back on together when they are older!

Santa Letter 5

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