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Writing Matters to the National Handwriting Association’s Angela Webb because…

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“I value handwriting for the pleasure it gives, both to the writer and the reader. I love to see the individual hand of my friends on envelopes and on letters – so personal.”


Angela WebbWhat is the best way to encourage people to hand write over using digital devices?

I think it is to make them aware of the different contexts of writing and to show how certain tasks are enhanced if handwriting is used.


What are the advantages of handwriting over using computers or tablets?

Undoubtedly it is the enhanced way our brains engage with the text when we handwrite over keyboarding. The content is more deeply processed and thus better recalled.


How can schools encourage their pupils to handwrite in and out of the classroom?

Learning handwriting requires repetition and practice like any motor skill and the more practice, the better the progress. This can be a chore, so if teachers can find clever ways for children to perform the handwriting patterns in fun activities, such as in art or in movement, this takes the sweat out of learning.


What is the most important thing you’ve ever written?

Signing my marriage certificate and the contract on my house have had a pretty dramatic impact on my life! But in qualitative terms, handwriting poetry and writing certain emotion-filled letters to friends have meant a lot to me.

Angela Webb is Chair of the National Handwriting Association, partners of National Stationery Week. More information about the National Handwriting Association’s work can be found at

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This blog item was posted on Monday, April 25th, 2016.

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