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Writing matters to Samanah Duran because….

Posted by National Stationery Week

Samanah Duran“I feel that handwriting still plays a key part in adding that personal touch when connecting to someone.

I have had the pleasure of receiving so many heartfelt warming letters and notes over the years and I never get tired of reading them, especially ones from my grandparents.

I feel that now we have adapted to a now era of emails, SMS and instant messaging and they are fine, but they even they have limitations on where and when they should be used. Emailing a resume, yes, but what about letters of condolence & sympathy or a love letter, text message? No thank-you!

Being a proud part of Generation Y’s culture, I believe that the future generation will never get to experience the beauty of receiving a handwritten letter that indicates the true personality & effort from the sender, and thats a shame”

Samanah Duran is Founder, CEO & Creative Director of Critics Clothing.

This blog item was posted on Wednesday, March 8th, 2017.

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