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Writing Matters to Paperchase’s David Bateman because…

Posted by National Stationery Week

“…despite all things digital thriving over the last decade (with no sign of slowing), you’d think that writing in the traditional sense would be history but we continue to see a rise in the sales of letter writing products and associated gifts, as well as Arts and Crafts.

In today’s world customers are as eager to express themselves as ever and as handwriting is so unique, it’s truly individual.  It’s also a simple way to make a communication or gift feel personal.  For instance, I don’t know anyone who would prefer an e-Card to a carefully selected greeting card, notecard or invitation with a handwritten message.  In business also, I’m delighted to see most people write in their own personal notebook at meetings, with hardly a laptop in sight!


To me, it’s a special touch to see that someone has taken the time and effort to write. To choose the paper, the pen, the envelope then take the trouble to buy a stamp and walk to the post-box.  And who doesn’t love receiving something unexpected in the post?”

David Bateman is Chief Financial and Operating Officer at Paperchase, the UK’s number 1 shopping spot for exciting and innovative design-led stationery. Find out more at



This blog item was posted on Saturday, April 30th, 2016.

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