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Writing Matters to Natalie Trice because….

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Natalie 1“…I think that it is fair to say that writing is in my blood. Ever since I can remember I have written as much as I have read. As a child I loved writing my news on a Monday morning, penning stories in notebooks and as a teenager my diary was my solace.

As a self confessed introvert, for me writing is the easiest, most comfortable way to communicate.

I think that writing is an art and a skill that we all need. I encourage my sons to write as much as I can. I am not that worried if their writing is super-neat as I am more interested in developing creativity and independent working.

Whilst they have iPads and computers, and one says he will have an assistant when is a scientist when he works for NASA, you need to be able to put pen to paper and be confident with the written word.”

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This blog item was posted on Friday, March 18th, 2016.

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