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Writing Matters to Michael Waltinger because…

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“… it has a completely different quality then electronic or machine writing.

First of all, there is something about memory and thinking when it comes to pen to paper. When one writes notes or annotates readings, one knows and remembers exactly what is written and highlighted where and why. Also, one normally formulates more carefully and thinks more thoroughly.

michael scrivelyThis also has to do with handwriting being, secondly, more distraction free that computer typing. It is just you and the paper. Neither thousands of formatting options in the word processor that make the words look more meaningful than they actually are, nor hundreds of pdf-documents or a web-
browser that all are just a click away.

Last but not least, there is soothing nostalgia and something you might wanna call de-celeration (the undoing of digital acceleration – if only for a moment). Pencil on paper or ink from a nib all are rather slow and mindful processes. While some may argue that the digital is easier to store and sort of eternal, one might also suggest that it is much more ephemeral, which has to do with the intangible character of the digital. Honestly, what is nicer: 10 GB of MP3’s on your iPod or browsing a vinyl store? ”

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This blog item was posted on Wednesday, April 20th, 2016.

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