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Writing Matters to Maped Helix’s Lianne Fletcher because…

Posted by National Stationery Week

Lianne Fletcher“…it’s a way of expressing yourself. It allows people to express their ideas and thoughts and enables them to be creative. For me, the handwritten word holds a lot more meaning than a typed note. Even more so in this digital world.

It’s so much nicer to receive a handwritten birthday card, thank you note or invitation. It is more personal and feels like more thought and effort has gone into it. It can also hold more sentiment and is more likely to be something you want to keep and treasure, from a child even more so. It can remind you of their age and even their personality at that time. If it was simply typed then they would all look the same and not have that same meaning or nostalgia attached to it.”

Lianne Fletcher is Marketing Manager at Maped Helix, sponsors of National Stationery Week.


This blog item was posted on Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016.

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