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Writing Matters to Explore Learning’s Carey Ann Dodah because…

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Carey Ann Dodah“Writing is a beautiful form of expression. It allows you to think over exactly the message you want to convey. Sometimes when we talk we might reflect later on the conversation and wish we had said something differently. Writing gives you the freedom to reflect, edit and experiment with new phrases and words without any risk attached. Your piece is personal until you decide to share it.

Writing is be a very personal way to communicate. In the past it was essential for communicating anything. Now with phones, emails, instant messaging and filling in forms online, writing is no longer essential for communicating, instead it is special. More than in any other time, writing something by hand is filled with meaning. A personal note or a card – completed with careful, neat handwriting is something that will be treasured and mean much more than a hastily typed message.”

Carey Ann Dodah is Head of Curriculum at Explore Learning, partners of National Stationery Week. More information at Explore Learning can be found at

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This blog item was posted on Tuesday, April 19th, 2016.

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