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Why writing matters to Natalie Trice.

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My name is Natalie and I am a writer.


I write for a living, I blog for fun and oh yes, I am an author too.


My love of writing started when I was in reception. Mrs. Armstrong would keep our crayons in tobacco tins and my prize possession was a little book in my tray that was half plain half lined. At five years old there was nothing more I loved than writing my ‘news’ on Monday morning and talking about what we did at the weekend.


I loved words and was never happier than when I had a pencil in my hand or my nose in a book.  I would spend hours hanging out in the library where the pages of the books feed my imagination and were the window to a world that is now so easily accessible at the click of a button.


Maths and science classes passed me by in a blur, but set me an essay or ask me to write story, and I was in my element. I was bullied at secondary school but writing was an escape from the name-calling and campaigns of hatred. Looking back now, maybe I should thank those bullies for giving me the spirit and determination to go out and follow my dreams.


I would fill endless diaries and notebooks with poems and short stories, some of which I still have now. I drafted love letters I knew I would never send, stared novels that had no ending and even made a stab at a play – not my finest work, but I tried.


At university I studied contemporary history of art, a subject that was as wordy as it was postmodern and packed with complicated jargon and detailed descriptions. I loved it. With computers still a luxury, I hand wrote every assignment, often pulling a Pro Plus ‘all nighter’ but never missed a deadline and loved the stack of books on my desk and the feeling of ‘getting there’.


When I came back from a stint of teaching English in Japan, rather than going into journalism, I stumbled into PR and went on to forge a successful career in the world of TV.


9781910923016While I fancied myself as a Carrie Bradshaw type living in a New York coffee shop wearing hopelessly high heels and drinking champagne at celebrity parties, the reality is a little different.


I now live in Devon by the sea, and after the success of my first book, Cast Life – A Parent’s Guide to DDH ,  I now have a deal for two more – both about PR. I write for newspapers and magazines, for websites and our charity, DDH UK, and I love it.


Writing makes me money, it makes me happy and I like to think that my passion for the written word has inspired others to dabble too.


Natalie Trice

This blog item was posted on Thursday, February 23rd, 2017.

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