Three new partners cut the mustard for National Stationery Week

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With five weeks to go until National Stationery Week, the UK’s biggest consumer campaign for the stationery industry has welcomed three new partners.


Mustard, STABILO and VOW will join Maped Helix, Write Size, Manuscript and edding on the list of brands partnering with the annual event for 2017.


From zombie erasers and elastic banana bands to cactus sticky notes, Mustard is at the cutting edge of funky and stylish design, whilst STABILO is a leading manufacturer of writing instruments, selling more than 60 million highlighters each year. VOW, part of the Evo Group, is the UK and Ireland’s leading wholesaler of business products and facilities supplies.


Signing up to be a part of National Stationery Week will see all three brands have exclusive access to some of the UK’s most influential journalists and bloggers whilst featuring heavily across National Stationery Week’s multiple online platforms.


mustardReuben Utudjian, international sales manager for Mustard said, “We are thrilled to be an official partner of National Stationery Week.


“Our ongoing quest to get the nation to brighten up and love their desk will be boosted by becoming a part of National Stationery Week.”


Vanya Hunter, marketing manager at STABILO added, “We are so excited to be an official partner for National Stationery Week. We truly believe in the importance of continuing to put pen to paper and all of us at STABILO are certainly doing our best to encourage it!


stabilo1“We hope that National Stationery Week helps to remind people of the fun and individuality to be found through handwriting and the creative expression of colouring and drawing!”


Following the announcement, Mustard, a Gift of the Year finalist, STABILO, the world renowned manufacturer, and VOW will help to support the aims of National Stationery Week and World Stationery Day which includes getting people all over the world writing by hand as well as celebrating their favourite stationery.


Tim Willoughby, COO of Ocean Media Group, said, “We’ve added three fantastic partners to the campaign in Mustard, STABILO and VOW. They are a welcome addition to the line-up of featured brands associated with National Stationery Week.
“They’ll be able to see a huge benefits across multiple facets of the campaign including retailers, influencers and consumers whilst supporting an important skill. We’re looking forward to working with them.”


You can discover more about Mustard and their unique products at, further information about STABILO can be found at whilst information on VOW can be found at


To find out more details about how your company or brand can become an Official Partner of National Stationery Week, visit

This press release was posted on Tuesday, February 14th, 2017.

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