Day one of National Stationery Week 2018

Monday 23 April


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How do you use yours?

To celebrate National Stationery Week, Nu: Notebooks would love you to share how you use your notebooks on #makeanote Monday. Plus, you have a chance to win one of our notebook bundles over on our social media pages!
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Your favourite notebook is the perfect way to capture many ideas, whether it’s planning your Day or writing down your favourite recipes, it’s an ideal companion for all! Getting your brand new notebook is such a great feeling, the clean blank pages, ready for you to fill with anything you desire……

There are dozens of ways to put your notebook to beautiful use…

Make your To-Do list…(however long it may be!!!)

ToDo List

Write down your favourite recipes for cooking this weekend


Timetable your classes to ensure you don’t miss any this week!

Time table

Jot down your dreams or adventures you want to fulfil…


Doodles are a great way to express yourself


Plan your next big business opportunities to take over the world!


Start a bullet journal…small or super detailed, anything is possible.

Bullet Journal



A good notebook is a good replacement for a smartphone! If you want to combine the two, we have the ideal tool for you…..

Nu: Notes is the ultimate notes app to capture, store and organise your handwritten memos & doodles and has endless uses.


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A great way to save your ideas, whatever they are!!!!





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