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British stationery brand, Nu: by Nuco International, is sponsoring the sixth annual National Stationery Week (NSW) to celebrate paper products and the power of the pen.


NSW, which takes place from 24th – 30th April 2017, aims to ‘Get Britain Writing’ by encouraging people to rekindle their love of pen and paper. The week aims to celebrate the diverse range of stationery products available and to inspire future generations to write more often and understand the importance of good handwriting.


Keith Matthews, Managing Director at Nuco International, said: “It is with great pride that we are once again sponsoring NSW in order to promote hand writing in Britain.

“Technology has transformed the way we live our everyday lives, and it is important to find ways to marry the art and craftsmanship of traditional stationery with modern technology. We believe that we must embrace and not replace, which is why we have created the Nu Notes App, transforming handwritten notes into digital ones that can be saved and shared with friends and colleagues.


“With referendums, elections, Bowie and Prince, 2016 was certainly one for the books, but we believe that 2017 should be the year of productivity and positivity. The new year can be a great start to get Britain writing again, whether it’s a shopping list, diary entry or taking notes in lessons. It is through awareness weeks such as NSW that we can encourage people to keep calm and write on.”



Nu Notebooks, whose range of products can be found in high street stores and supermarkets across the world, secured a Guinness World Record in April 2016 for the world’s largest bound notebook, measuring almost one metre square (0.99m2).


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This press release was posted on Tuesday, January 17th, 2017.

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