Day four of National Stationery Week


Thursday 26 April


Our mission

Mustard are on a mission.

A mission to take over 10% of the space of every desk in the world.

We know that your desk is important. Seeing you through all-nighters, reports, and countless presentations, your desk is an extension of you – and if it isn’t then it should be!

But living and breathing your desk is a whole lot different to loving it. Here at Mustard we don’t just want you to tolerate your desk; we want you to work happy!

From the first email you send to the last task you tick off, Mustard’s work happy philosophy seeks to make every minute spent at your desk a joy.

Join the club

Paperclip by paperclip, pen by pen, you can be part of the work happy revolution!

To join the Mustard movement, take a snap of your desk with a caption explaining one thing you’re changing to help you work happy. Whether that’s spring-cleaning your desk or finally getting a coaster for your ever-present coffee, simply post the picture on Instagram, tag @mustardlondon and add the #workhappy hashtag.

The person behind the best #workhappy post will receive dino-mite desk accessories, including Mustard’s iconic T-Rex Notebook and Magenta and Lime T-Rex Highlighters.

T-REX Notebook

Prep those presentations, bash out those reports, burn the midnight oil, and let your desk love you back!