Day three of National Stationery Week 2019

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Wednesday 1 May 2019


The team at Stationery Show London organise the UK’s only specialist stationery trade show so we know we’re stationery geeks – if, like us, you’ve been known to stop your friends in the street whilst on holiday to take a photo of a great stationery shop or display, then today is for you!

We’ll be asking all our overseas exhibitors at this year’s show to donate some of their best products into a big box of stationery delights just for you, so take a look at our #worldstationeryday challenges below and get your claim in…


  • Share those holiday pics…Using #natstatweek and #worldstationeryday and tell us where you were on holiday.  If you can remember the name of the shop let’s give them a name check too so that others can pop in when they’re travelling that way.
  • Come in stationery lovers across the world… We sort of know that the love of stationery and National Stationery Week reaches far beyond the borders of the UK – but we’d love to see proof so if you’re reading this in America, Europe or any country across the world and you love stationery, name check your local stationery retailer or online stationery supplier and tell us why they are your favourite. Let’s find out if there are any truly international stationery suppliers out there…
  • Country style?  Finally, do you think you have or use a particular piece or style of stationery which is only found in your country?  Show us what you’ve got…


Stationery is heading overseas….

The love of stationery has no borders!

To celebrate World Stationery Day, London Stationery Show will be showcasing international brands including:

  • Astra SA
  • Bi-silque SA
  • BLOOM your message
  • Bright Concept Ltd
  • COLOP UK Ltd
  • Diarpell s p a
  • Furnart Ahsap Urunleri
  • Giuseppe Di Natale S p A
  • Go Europe
  • Grandluxe Private Limited Singapore
  • Growing Greeting
  • Indeutsch Industries Private Limited
  • Kartotek Copenhagen
  • kikki-k
  • Leuchtturm Albenverlag GmbH & Co KG
  • Luxor International
  • Nitcoms Inc
  • Oriental Paper Products SAL
  • Otima Grafica
  • Peter Pauper Press
  • Royal Talens
  • Rystor Spółka z o.o. Spółka komandytowa
  • Semikolon GmbH
  • Toscana Carte Pregiate S r l