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Letters all over the world with Toby Little

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It seems ages since half term week but a lot has happened to me since then including the fact that I started to blog for National Stationery Week. It’s really exciting!

I started my project in June 2013, and since then, I have had over 400 responses to my letters. That’s a lot of different stationery from all over the world.

Sometimes, people write on paper taken from a notebook, sometimes, they write on paper that they printed off themselves, and sometimes, they write on beautiful letter-writing paper.
To me, it doesn’t matter what the letter is written on when it gets to me: some people don’t have beautiful writing paper, and for all letters, I am just really happy that they are making it back to me. But I still love *looking* at the paper and pens people use, and what people manage to fit into an envelope.


HongKong1There have been lots of amazing things in envelopes, and two of them came from Asia: Saskia in Beijing sent a beautiful pop-up card that “popped up” to be the Great Wall of China, and Elaine in Hong Kong sent a whole light sculpture that you had to build and then you can light it up!


They are both so beautiful, and they both fit into an envelope! It’s amazing!


I like them both so much, especially because I am learning Chinese, and I really want to go to China one day. I have written my first letter all in Chinese, but maybe I will tell you about that another time!

This blog item was posted on Friday, March 3rd, 2017.

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