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Looking for the big headlines to be written in the world of stationery? Find out more here with all the happenings from National Stationery Week HQ.

National Stationery Week trends on opening day of campaign – you can still get involved!

Monday morning proved a successful start to the week as the annual campaign trended three times in the first hour of the opening day.

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Calling all retailers! It’s not too late to get involved

National Stationery Week is just five days away and it’s not too late to get involved!

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Celebrate all shapes and sizes of stationery store during Seven Days of Stationery with Stationery Supplies

National Stationery Week is proud to announce its support for #StationeryShopSaturday, which will inhabit the sixth place on the Seven Days of Stationery.

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National Stationery Week supported by #WriteMentor

With just over two weeks to go, National Stationery Week has joined forces with #WriteMentor to encourage others to get their pens at the ready to improve their creative writing skills.

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PaperchasePaperchase signs up to help spread the love for stationery in National Stationery Week

National Stationery Week has added another headline name to its list of sponsors, as stationery retailer Paperchase has signed up to kick off the annual campaign with #PaperchaseLovesLists as the opening theme for Monday, April 29.

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Gifting2019National Stationery Week starts drawing up exciting list of sponsors

National Stationery Week is proud to announce Derwent Pencils as its first sponsor. The brand will be putting its name to the Friday of the Seven Days of Stationery whilst running a selection of events throughout the week.

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National Stationery Week opens doors to NSW + Rymanfirst retail partner

National Stationery Week has partnered with national retailer Ryman to celebrate the annual campaign, which takes place on April 29th – May 5th 2019. The store will be running in-store promotions and events whilst promoting the week online

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