Put National Stationery Week in your diary, it’s time to celebrate…

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Fill your pencil cases, sharpen your pencils, grab a clean sheet of paper and get ready to celebrate – National Stationery Week is coming. Celebrations begin on 20 April and run until 26 April!

People of the world rejoice and wave your favourite pen in the air! National Stationery Week is the perfect time to celebrate your stationery pot, a colourful pencil case or your favourite pen.

We believe that #WritingMatters and that, no matter the time, place or idea; writing is the perfect pastime. Saying you haven’t got a minute simply isn’t true!

7 Days Of Stationery


  • Wrap up warm and write a letter

  • Pass some time by penning a poem

  • Draw and doodle a silly picture

It doesn’t take much to let your imagination run wild!

Plus, with so much stationery on the market, you can look funky, stylish, eighties, cool, sporty or outlandish – all through your stationery choices

But does writing really still matter?

Silly question – we, of course, say yes!  This article appeared recently in The Guardian, and is definitely worth a read – click here.

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