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Handwriting analysis on Signature Saturday

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To celebrate #SignatureSaturday, Sheaffer asked renowned graphologist Adam Brand to analysis the handwriting of various jobs to see if their was major differences across jobs and ages.

Dan Tyte, Author, 36

Dan Tyte

‘X’ ing in the signature (1) – the public image of the writer – shows a competitive spirit.

The long final stroke in the signature (2a) means he is not keen for people to get too close to him and this is supported by the very wide word spacing (2b), showing that he may prefer to work alone.  He has a carefully placed ‘i’ dot (3) and disconnected letters (4) showing an ability to investigate and analyse.  Although he may on occasions give the impression he has problems with people who can’t make up their minds, there is sensitivity shown in the writing, illustrated by the wavy baseline (5).

Andy Jeavons, Engineer, 23

Andy Jeavons

He is an ambitious person shown by the rising ‘t’ bar (1) and sword like signature (2)  with possible workaholic tendencies illustrated by the sudden swing to the right of the lower zone of the ‘g’(3).  He is determined that the people around him hear his message clearly – legible, printed writing with a trumpet ending (4).   Although his public image is of someone who knows exactly what he is doing,  there are, nonetheless, signs that he is not always convinced he has the right answer [differing heights of the middle zone letters (5)].

Michael Salu, Artist


Michael Salu

Here is a go getter with a strong need to be active [ long lower zone loop (1) with large writing].  He is restless and his emotional reactions can override his conscious controls [right slant (2)].   The ratio of the middle zone to the absolute size is about 1:5 (a:b) when the average is usually closer to 1:3.  The base line also rises (3).  That means he is optimistic and wants to do his best, yet he is not happy with what he has achieved so far; he feels he still has a lot of striving to do.  He has big plans [rising ‘T’ bar off the stem (4)] but can be indecisive about which one of those plans to follow (the emotionally responsive right slant is countered by the logical, connected writing).   He will do his best to make a good impression on the public [rising ‘M’ structure (5)].

Sally Grindley, Children’s Author, 64


Sally Grindley

The large round light pressured signature shows empathy, friendliness and a loving nature seeking approval  [heart symbol (1)] and a person who would like to give time to her friends.  The flow and rhythm of the signature shows imagination, a visual sense and need for variety.   Curiosity is shown by the high ‘i’ dot (2) and a need for change is shown by the varying lengths of the lower zones (3).    She has the ability to focus and reason effectively (balanced word spacing) and will collect a lot of information before coming to a decision [arcade structure of the ‘m’  (4)].

Joyce Lee, Calligrapher

Joyce Lee

Here is someone with both a physical drive [long straight lower zones – (1)] and mental enthusiasm              [long horizontal strokes (2)].  She has a quick mind and fluent speaking ability [open topped oval (3)].    She is self reliant [underlining in signature (4)], has determination [consistent stroke] and a need for accuracy [extended  ‘s’ (5)].   She has an ability to get on with people [right slanted rhythmical writing] but will not allow them to mess her about [truncated endings (6)].    She will succeed at anything she sets her mind to.

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This blog item was posted on Saturday, April 29th, 2017.