Stationery Blogger of the Year

Hello Stationery Addicts! In 2016, we hosted an award to crown a blogger for the best stationery blog of the year, during National Stationery Week.blogger_adam_blaine

The winner, Desk of Adam, won the competition with 45.5% of the votes. His blog on National Stationery Week covered everything from pencils, paper, handmade items, colouring, cards and saying thank you.

With great photography and some minor celebrations, Adam’s blog can be seen here

If you love stationery as much as Adam and the ten other nominees do, then why not put pen to paper and begin to plan your own blog for 2017?

Who knows, you could be the 2017 National Stationery Week Blogger of the Year



Could you be the face of National Stationery Week Blogger of the Year 2017?

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