Day five of National Stationery Week 2019

Friday 3 May

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Friday is often the best day of week. The final day of work, the steady decline into the weekend and the big plans you’ve got for the two days ahead. But do you ever think about your mental condition?

This year, Derwent are triumphing the art of ‘mindfulness’ and how creativity can be used to help you relax, revitalise and getting you back in the right frame of mind.

No matter your style, material, inspiration or location, art can be used to creatively destress, explore and expand the mind.






















About Derwent

Our story begins in the heart of the Lake District with the discovery of graphite in the Borrowdale Valley and the birth of pencil making in Keswick. By the 1800s pencil making in Keswick was a thriving cottage industry. The Cumberland Pencil Company was created in 1916 and the first Derwent colour pencil was introduced in 1938. Our Pencil Museum still stands on the site of our original factory in Keswick. Derwent has continued to be proud of its Cumbrian roots and in 2008 a purpose-built factory was opened in Lillyhall.

At Derwent, we continue to evolve and improve not only our traditional pencils but also to introduce new innovative products serving generations of artists and hobbyists.

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