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National Stationery Week for Parents

National Stationery Week is working with the Explore Learning, National Handwriting Association, Greeting Card Association, Writing Instrument Association and the Post Office to promote the importance of writing by hand to children, along with parents and teachers.

This follows the Government’s decision to reintroduce handwriting and letter writing onto Secondary Schools’ curriculum in Autumn 2014.

We want to emphasize to parents how important handwriting is and will be to their children when they are older and in jobs, and in developing their creative and personal communication skills when they are young.

We want children to know that computers and handwriting are complementary, and that they need to be able to use both, if they are to get on in life.

If you have children, tell them why writing by hand is important and encourage them to write a card or letter to someone they know, such as a grandparent or a friend and of course, to write thank you letters or cards.  It will make everyone feel good.

If you run a school or are a teacher, we have some fun activities you, and your class, can get involved in to celebrate handwriting and have some fun handwriting-themed activities in class during National Stationery Week.

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