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Happiness is handwritten!

Writing and the ability to write matters, and is more important than ever.


National Stationery Week is a celebration of the written word and all things stationery.

You can never have too much stationery – it’s today’s must have fashion accessory.


Some would have us believe that letter writing and writing by hand is a thing of the past and no longer matters but as all I'm a Stationery Addictstationery devotees know, nothing is further from the truth.

Technology may have distracted us from the pleasure and importance of writing by hand, but it hasn’t replaced it and it won’t be anytime soon.


We want to get more people putting pen to paper and writing by hand, especially children, and spelling stationery correctly with an ‘e’!


2014 marks one hundred years since the outbreak of World War I and handwritten letters and cards are as important today as they were then, especially for those who are away from home.


Top TweetsSend someone you know and care for a letter or card during National Stationery Week.


Next year’s dates are Monday 27 April – Sunday 3 May 2015


Download the overview of National Stationery Week 2014 to find out more


Let’s get Britain writing!

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